Lighting application

Plant lighting

Plant lighting is one of the popular lighting applications. It can not only replace the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp, but also can be used for different colors of LEDs with necessary adjustments, so it can provide the wavelength required for each stage of plant growth. Plant lighting can be divided into ceiling lighting and fruit lighting. Top lighting provides the basic light source for photosynthesis for common plants, while fruit lighting provides additional light to accelerate fruit growth. So far, countless successful cases have been accumulated in the field of plant lighting applications, and in the near future, a centralized system power supply will be launched to meet the power requirements of plant lighting applications.




Fish lighting

LED fish light is a relatively new application market, because the traditional MHL metal lamp has high power consumption and radiant heat problems, which is not conducive to the use of fishermen who work close for a long time. In addition, the high power consumption of traditional light sources is important for power generation. Engine oil consumption issues also have a big impact. Furthermore, the traditional fish-collecting lamps are exposed to the harsh environment of high/low temperature, high humidity, and high salinity, which easily causes the driving power supply life to be shortened quickly, and the overall maintenance cost is therefore increased. The use of a centralized system power solution provides long-term maintenance. The cost is lower.




Building decorative lighting

Building decorative lighting has been widely used in large-area lighting for the appearance of skyscrapers from the local and single-tone lighting of residential or public buildings in the past. There is no shortage of buildings, large public buildings, and bridges in international metropolises. Examples include Berlin, New York, Moscow, London, Taipei, Shanghai Pudong Lujiazui Buildings, Hong Kong Island City Complex, Bangkok, Jakarta... There are too many to mention, which are different from the local decorative lighting of residential or public buildings, and the lighting of modern building decorative lighting The projection area is wider and the color temperature of the lamp is more colorful. Therefore, using the traditional wiring method with an independent LED driver requires high labor costs for installation and subsequent maintenance. Due to the existence of the aforementioned pain points, the industry has begun to try to use centralized power supply to drive the implementation of building decorative lighting. The 24Vdc system power solution launched at this stage, combined with DMX lighting controllers and lamps with 12-24Vdc working voltage, gives the lamps the convenience of controlling the color toning and the benefits of effectively reducing maintenance costs.


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