Custom Requirements
Power customization
Green energy saving design
Pursue zero defects
R & D capabilities

1.Customize and develop power solutions according to customer needs;

2.Military-grade quality, high efficiency and intelligence;

3.Design capabilities cover 1W-15KW; application areas cover industrial control equipment, lighting, communications, medical care, new energy, etc;

4.Liwei Electronics has a R&D team with more than 20 years of experience and can provide a full range of OEM/ODM services.

Part of the product display
Laser drive customization

Laser power supply is a high-performance constant current power supply, divided into continuous laser power supply and pulsed laser power supply. Continuous laser power supply is a high-performance constant current power supply, and pulsed laser power supply is a power supply specially designed for pulse lasers. Laser drive power: digital control, intelligent monitoring, high reliability, long life, high efficiency and energy saving.

ApplicationSuitable for use in laser display equipment, laser welding equipment, and laser cutting equipment.
R & D team
Every product has passed rigorous design and production and quality control procedures and tests from technical research, design, trial production, design verification (DVT), design quality testing (DQT), material selection, trial production, mass production, etc. Verification of normative standards.
Design quality test process:
1. Component recognition test
2. Engineering verification test
3. Specification verification test
4. Stress analysis
5. Thermal test, life span and MTBF calculation
6. EMC test
7. Safety test
8. Design verification test
9. Environmental reliability test

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