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Desktop computer case Medal of Honor side view version
Brand: Meiji
Model: Medal of Honor Side Through Edition
Applicable type: desktop computer
Chassis style: vertical
Compatible motherboard: MicroATX, ATX
Material: SECC sheet
Standard power supply: No standard power supply
Front interface: USB 2.0
Size: 44×20.2×45 (cm)
Product weight: 5 (KG)
USB: Fireproof USB
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Product Series: Game Case
Model category: ATX
Chassis hardware: 400×202×410MM
Including panel size: 440×202×450MM
Internal hardware characteristics: 0.6SECC
External hardware characteristics: 0.6SECC roasted dumb black

Product Features:
1. Bottom power supply game hardware, 360-degree 3-channel heat dissipation, perfect support for backplane wiring
2. Cool and transparent side panels, matched with lantern fans, support water cooling, and select advanced equipment;
3. Equipped with large expansion space, support for ultra-long graphics card SLI, and support for solid state drives
4. Patented easy-to-remove dust-proof optical drive baffle, humanized design, easy DIY;
5. Front high-quality audio interface, sound quality without interference;
6. Equipped with high-quality USB3.0 interface, 10 times faster than traditional USB;
7. Use high-grade imported ABS raw materials for injection molding, non-toxic, tasteless, strong toughness, and not fragile;
8. The newly upgraded high-strength carbon steel, the structure is firm and does not deform, the workmanship is fine, and it does not hurt your hands;
9. Ultra-quiet design, super anti-radiation, anti-static, health and safety;
10. The structure is optimized for online shopping, the accessories are installed firmly, and the whole machine is transported for long distances without damage.

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