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Why use pc power supply?

When DIY users buy and assemble PCs, they tend to focus on the choice of graphics card, CPU, and hard drive, but they ignore one very important thing: PC power supply. In fact, although the PC power supply is small, it has a lot of knowledge. The PC power supply is the power source of the computer host. Except for the display of a computer, all other components are powered by the PC power supply inside the chassis. The quality of the DC power output by the PC power supply directly affects the quality and life of the components. And performance. As far as the technology of pc power supply is concerned, it should be said to be mature. However, some manufacturers face market competition, in order to reduce costs and improve market competitiveness, they often reduce components, such as saving filter circuit devices, temperature measurement devices, etc., or use low-priced components, but users are the victims. Today we are going to talk about the relevant knowledge of pc power supply, hoping to draw everyone's attention to pc power supply, and provide some small help for everyone to buy pc power supply.

 A good pc power supply can make the computer work more stable, which seems very reasonable on the surface. But when it comes to why a good PC power supply is needed, some users may be a little confused. The "good pc power supply" mentioned here does not necessarily have to buy expensive pc power supplies. In fact, some users choose pc power supplies of good quality. However, because the power of the selected pc power supply does not match the computer load, the pc power supply is insufficient. The machine is unstable.


In addition to the error problem caused by the purchase, most of the machine failures caused by the pc power supply are caused by the use of "unqualified" pc power supplies. We know that when installing the machine, especially when buying low-cost mid-to-low-end computers, merchants sell them to users along with the chassis and PC power supply. But ignored. Because the power of the motherboard and other devices is provided by the PC power supply, stable, pure and sufficient power are the prerequisites for system stability.


Since computers use direct current, and the mains grid provides alternating current, the important tasks of current and voltage conversion are somewhat original, and the importance of pc power is self-evident. The high-quality pc power supply can also provide a stable DC output for the computer when the mains voltage is unstable.


Some users may have such experience: using a computer when going to work in a big city, because the mains voltage is relatively stable, so the pc power supply of the computer does not have to bear the burden caused by the large fluctuation of the pc power supply; travel to some small cities (especially counties) Because the voltage in such cities is not stable enough, a good PC power supply is now responsible for stabilizing the changes in the height of the PC power supply to avoid damage to the computer’s hardware. Especially in the southern areas where there is a lot of thunder on a rainy day, poor-quality PC power supplies can cause fatal damage to the computer. So when choosing your beloved case, don’t forget to equip it with a good pc power supply, this money cannot be saved.


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A good pc power supply is the "protector" of hardware


Poor PC power supply can easily lead to many problems in the computer, such as: bad sectors or damage to the hard disk, noise intervention, poor CD-ROM read performance, unstable overclocking, water ripples on the display, inexplicable restart and installation of the host Windows often fails and so on.

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